Why Does God Punish Disobedience?

“If you love me, keep my commandments.”

Jesus Christ | John 14:15

Many of us think that God is cruel, spiteful, or dictatorial when He punishes us because of our unrepentant sin, but in order for you to understand why God punishes disobedience you have to understand who God is. He is a grand designer, the devine architect who created everything in existence with His mighty word: the star clusters that transformed into our sun, every grain in every beam of wood inside of your house, and every molecule in your skin, liver, intestines, stomach, lungs, eyes, brain, and mouth. Now I want you to imagine what would happen if your stomach decided to stop working, if your lungs decided to stop taking in oxygen, if your brain decided to stop functioning on its own, or if your house decided to stop being a house and transformed itself into a lake…how would the rest of this universe function if one small part of God’s creation decided to be disobedient to its designer?

Our disobedience is far more serious, because God set us apart from the rest of creation. He made us unique: He gave us free will and the ability to process and reason unlike any other creature in existence. We have the ability to choose not to follow God, and He created us with this defining characteristic so that we could experience joy, compassion, love, and completeness when we decide to follow God’s design for our lives.

God doesn’t punish disobedience because He is spiteful or cruel; He rewards our obedience because it is pleasing to Him, and when we honor God’s commandments we play a pivotal role in maintaining the grand design of the universe. When you honor God you are an active participant in the beauty of creation, and when you dishonor God you are living in discordance and disharmony with every living thing in existence.

Dear God, help me live in harmony with you and give me the strength to be obedient to your commandments. Take away everything and everyone who can make me stumble in my Christian walk, and guide me along the paths of righteousness.

Related Bible Verses: Exodus 19:5, Deuteronomy 11:1, John 15:14, Romans 2:6-8

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