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J Dolores Perry

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J Dolores Perry

J Dolores Perry is a writer, entrepreneur, and PhD student from the San Francisco Bay Area. She currently lives in Oklahoma, where she studies political communication and writes about God, Christian living, and social justice.

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Sixteen-year-old Taylor Jessup knows where her loyalties should lie. She is a Founder, one of the highest-ranking members of her society, and she is engaged to the atheist who will become its Leader. There is no greater honor at BradCom, where families are divided by religious castes and faith-based alliances.

But there is a secret that could tear her world apart: a photograph that points to her parents’ shocking past. Now, Taylor will do anything to find out where she belongs…even if she has to forge a few alliances of her own. With Morgan and Isaiah on her side, she will break all of the rules that have kept them in the dark. 

When they uncover the truth about BradCom’s elite, will Taylor settle for a life that was built on lies? Or will she fight for the faith—and the love—that she truly wants?

Age Recommendation

Due to the romantic and political subplots that are covered in The Revolutionaries Series, Those Who Rise is recommended for readers who are sixteen and older.


YA > Christian Fiction > Speculative > Dystopian

Target Audience

Age: 16-35

Gender: Female

Nationality: American

Language: English (Primarily)

Religion: Christianity

Release Date

Tuesday April 9th, 2019

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